Credits: Wout Nooitgedagt

Abriel is dual U.S. and Dutch citizen based in Amsterdam. She is the daughter of American expats and was born and raised mostly in The Netherlands. She is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in Jazz Trumpet at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

One of Abriel’s passions in life is bringing a love of music to everyone, everywhere. As well as teaching private lessons, she works as a trumpet teacher at Leerorkest Stichtse Vecht, encouraging music appreciation in elementary schools around The Netherlands. Since 2014, Abriel has been the jazz trumpet player in the Ricciotti Ensemble, a 42-person street symphony orchestra that performs for people who do not normally get the chance to experience an orchestra. She has performed in nursing homes, prisons, hospitals, supermarkets and even swimming pools. On her seven tours with Ricciotti, she has not only traveled to every corner of the Netherlands, but has played in Scotland, Brazil, and Cuba. Since 2018 she also plays in Street Orchestra Live, an orchestra with a similar mission based in London.

Abriel performs in a diverse range of ensembles. She is a member of the all-star big band of Henk Meutgeert and Peter Beets: the New Jazz Orchestra. She plays in the house band for the monthly afrobeat jam session Afrogrooves, is lead trumpet in the all-female salsa band the Lowland Latinas, and is a member of the largest funk band in the Netherlands, the Amsterdam Funk Orchestra. 

Abriel is an active studio musician and has appeared on CDs of the indie bands Builder of the House and Grey Lotus, as well as the funk bands the Funkstamatics and Amsterdam Funk Orchestra.

Her recordings and performances have been featured on De Wereld Draait Door, Podium Witteman and The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show (BBC6).